Lync Backup and Recovery

Lync depends on a number of infrastructure elements to function. The backup (and restore) strategy must take all these components into account.

Lync depends on

  • Active Directory (user authentication and authorisation)
  • SQL Server (Back-end database)
  • File Share
  • DNS
  • DHCP
Also, to function, Lync depends on Network, Firewall, Load Balancer, PSTN gateways and Certificates.


The Lync configuration can be exported by using Powershell cmdlets.

  • Export-CSConfiguration        - Export Lync topology, policies and configuration settings
  • Export-CSLisConfiguration    - Export Lync E911 configuration
The DBImpExp tool (found in the Support folder) can be used to export (and import) users and their associated data (contacts, client version and scheduled conferences)

The SQL Server databases used by Lync must be part of the backup regime.

Certificate backup is an overlooked element of the Lync environment. Generally, the certificates on internal servers and internally facing interfaces on Lync Edge and Reverse Proxy servers are issued by the corporate Certificate Authority. The Internet facing interfaces of the Lync Edge and Reverse Proxy are generally public certificates issued (and purchased from) an online certificate service provider.

Traci Herr, over on Technet, has written a series of scripts to backup Lync to a single directory which can then be secured through a standard file backup.


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