Lync Server Supported Role Collocation

Microsoft supports a limited set of role collocation. The official documentation can be found on Technet.

On a Front End server, the Mediation and/or the A/V conference server can be collocated in a Production Environment. You can collocate the Archiving and/or the Monitoring role on the database server. The Edge server and the Director cannot be collocated with any other role. The File Share can be collocated with any database server, the Monitoring server or the Archiving server. The File Share cannot be collocated with the Front End Server.

The collocation of the Reverse Proxy or Exchange UM servers with any Lync role is not support.

RoleSupported role collocation
Front End ServerDatabase (SQL Server Express) for Standard Edition

Mediation server

A/V Conferencing Service
Database Server (Full SQL)Monitoring Role

Archiving Role

File Share


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  1. Thanks for your blog, what about Group chat role ? Can be collocated with any server role ?
    And can Monitoring, Archiving and Back End share a same SQL ?